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Innovative postpress solutions
Planschneider,Schneidemaschine, Schneidesystem, Schnellschneider baumannperfecta
Vollautomatische Schüttelanlage, Schüttelsystem, Rüttler,  BASA evolution von baumannperfecta zum Schütteln, Rütteln, belüften und ausrichten von Papier, Pappe, Karton, Folien, Etiketten, Druckplatten und weiteren Druckmaterialien in der Weiterverarbeitung in der Druckerei, Buchbinderei, Papierfabriken und weiteren Betrieben in der grafischen Industrie,
baumannperfecta Vollautomatisches Schneidesystem BASS. Vollautomatisch, mannlos schneiden mit Robotic-Lösung
Cutting machines and tailor-made system solutions

From a simple pile lifter up to a fully automatic jogging and cutting line. The solutions from baumannperfecta are modular constructed and can be individually adapted to your needs. Efficient automation solutions for your processes in postpress before, during and after cutting.

Our high-speed cutters are designed for processing different materials such as paper, cardboard, foils, printing plates and further printing materials. Modern cutting technology enables the most varied products and formats to be cut efficiently.

cutting machines

Precision and Performance

Always a cut ahead

After developing machines for a fully automated jogging process, we have now also developed machines for a fully automated cutting process. Unmanned cutting in 3-shift operation, around the clock.


Fully automated cutting systems

The new BASA evolution

Innovations consistently taken further - automatic jogging systems for postpress. From the entry-level solution in the standard version to the fully automated high-end solution.

Jogging systems

BASA evolution
the entry into fully automated jogging

For maximum flexibility

Workflow solutions like CutTronic and Straight 2 Cut for simple data processing, as well as open  interfaces for the transfer of production data to MIS systems ensure full control and the necessary overview

Cutting 4.0

Workflow and networking solutions

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