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The brand baumannperfecta at a glance

About us
The best of two brands and technolgies
The two brands baumannwohlenberg and PERFECTA have a long tradition and have long been successfully established in the global market as innovation and technology leaders. With the merger of the bands to baumannperfecta we have also merged the strengths and the core competences of these two comapnies of the  Baumann Gruppe. The bundled Know-How of our development departments and the common sales and service concept makes the support to our customers faster and more efficient.

BASS - new generation robotis - solutions from baumannperfecta
We attach high importance to the latest trends and technologies
Only those who care about trends today can offer their customers future-proof solutions for the future.  Hence, baumannperfecta was the first and only manufacturer within the graphic industry to fully automate the jogging process as well as the cutting process, ensuring unmanned, three-shift operation, around the clock.  Moreover, in 2018 baumannperfecta launched the BASS system – the first robotic solution based on today’s industrial robots within the finishing area of the graphic industry. How much importance we attach to new technologies is reflected also in our research and development departments. With approximately 200 employees and a percentage of about 20% in mechanical engineering this is above the average.

Tailor-made solutions for your requirements.

We manufacture individual system and automation solutions for finishing processes within the graphic industry. Thanks to our modular concept, all machines can be used individually or can be upgraded to a compact automated system.

Fully automated jogging system BASA evolution from baumannperfecta


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