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Cutters and cutting systems - automation solutions for postpress

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High-speed cutters and cutting systems
High-speed cutters - Precision and Performance
Baumannperfecta high-speed cutters are of solid construction and suited for the processing of different materials such as paper, cardboard, foils, offset printing plates or similar. The modern cutting technology ensures efficient cutting of a wide variety of products and formats. The cutters can be efficiently and economically used as stand-alone machines or, in combination with the baumannperfecta automation modules, as part of a complete cutting system.
baumannperfecta Schnellschneider
The creation of the cutting program is done menu-guided via the large touch screen, covering a variety of cutting jobs, es: single cut, program cut, repeat cut, clamping without cut, automatic actual-value transfer. All high-speed cutters can be optionally equipped with the CIP data module CutTronic or CutTronic Plus as well as adapted to your individual requirements thanks to numerous options available.

Open interfaces and data formats offer the possibility of a connection to almost any MIS system. In addition, the optional software Straight 2 Cut and Straight 2 Cut Plus ensure the opening of cutting programs directly at the cutter by means of a barcode scanner – cutting 4.0 with baumannperfecta.

Automatic cutting systems BASS
Following the completely automated jogging process, baumannperfecta has now also automated the cutting process. BASS is the name of the latest innovation developed by Baumann. BASS stands for Baumann Automatic Cutting System and does exactly what its name implies.
A robot takes over the tasks of the operator. After cutting, he takes care of aligning, rotating, tapping and transporting the layer and then passes it on to the next processing step. In conjunction with a vertical buffer, cut panels can also be stored temporarily and then returned to the cutting process. This means that fully automatic processing up to the finished, cut end product is possible. The layers can be transported to the right, left or alternately to the right and left. In practice, for example, the finished cut products can be placed on a pallet via an unloader or, when cutting labels, two punches can be fed fully automatically and unmanned at the same time - around the clock in 3-shift operation.
An absolute highlight is the new robot technology in connection with the BASA evolution - the world's first and only fully automatic jogging and cutting system for further processing in the graphics industry. Simply load your pallet into the BASA evolution and you will receive the finished panel at the end of the line, without further intervention by the operator.

baumannperfecta automatische Schneidemaschine BASS
baumannperfecta fully automated cutting and jogging system for commercial printing
Three-knife trimmer SDY TS
We have been shaping the development of cutting technology since 1896. With this experience, baumannperfecta is not only one of the oldest, but also one of the most innovative manufacturers of professional three-knife cutting machines. The baumannperfecta three-knife trimmer SDY TS is the reliable universal machine for cutting books, brochures, magazines or newspapers of various formats and block thicknesses in the offline area.

The GS-certified three-knife trimmer with PLC control via touchscreen offers the possibility to choose between constant operation for two-man operation and return operation for one-man operation.

baumannperfecta Drei-Messer-Schneider
The history of the cutting machines in the graphic industry

Cutting machines are used in bookbinderies, paper mills or in the finishing area of a printing plant. They are used for cutting materials such as paper, carton, cardboard, or plastic films. In the beginnings of bookbinding, the individual sheets were still cut manually with knives or scissors. Since this procedure was very complex, the bookbinders looked for machines and devices for making this work easier. This is how the first paper cutting machines or plan cutters were born. The German name “Planschneider” refers to the flat sheet, i.e. a flat sheet of paper. The term high-speed cutter, which is more frequently used today, is a result of the further development of the machines in which the cut was executed together with the pressing of the layers, being thus much faster. Due to the vertical cut, cutting machines are often also called guillotines. Production lines with additional, automated work steps such as loading, jogging, buffering, and unloading are referred to as cutting systems.

Today, with modern cutting systems, the entire cutting process can be fully automated, meaning that they can be operated unmanned.


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