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Cutting 4.0 - automation solutions for postpress

Industry 4.0 - Applications in finishing
Industry 4.0
The future is digital. With digitalization, industrial production is linked to one another across processes through modern information and communication technology. Intelligent systems form the bridge between human and machine and thus enable optimization over the entire value chain in production and over the entire life cycle of the products. Workflow and management information systems (MIS) ensure the clear, structured registration and distribution of all production-relevant data and thus help to operate in a cost-optimized way. With the machines of baumannperfecta you will be prepared for future. Open data and interfaces ensure maximum flexibility and compatibility.

baumannperfecta overview industry 4.0 applications
Networking | MIS connection  
The integration of the cutting workplace in the internal management information system (MIS) is necessary for an efficient production process. The collected job structure data are decisive for organization, control, and regulation of the workflow. By means of an ethernet interface as standard equipment, the user interface of the high-speed cutter can take over the function of a MIS-/BDE terminal through a remote connection.

The interfaces on the baumannperfecta high-speed cutters are open and thus allow the connection to different MIS systems

Networking | Workflow systems
With the optional software CutTronic, the CIP3/4 data generated in prepress are imported and translated into cutting programs. CutTronic Plus offers you additional benefits. Here, existing CIP3/4 data can be externally edited and thus perfectly be adapted to the workflow. The data transfer to the machine can be done in three different ways: via USB, Ethernet or wireless CutTronic Plus offers you flexibility in the workflow.

The processes are even safer with our Straight 2 Cut software solution. The prepress data is called up by means of a barcode scanner and converted into cutting programs on the cutting machine. In the Straight 2 Cut Plus version, a cutting program generator alternatively ensures interactive and automated program creation via a workstation parallel to the cutting process. Cutting 4.0 with baumannperfecta.

baumannperfecta Remote Access - internal und external
Remote access for direct support
For all machines with more complex controls baumannperfecta offers the option of a remote access. Whether diagnostics, remote maintenance service or questions about programming - this option saves long journeys and times and ensures that your processes run smoothly. In future, additional functions as part of the Internet of Things (IoT) can be realised via this remote connection.

Artificial intelligence
BASS stands for Baumann Automatic Cutting System – a system which, by means of the robot, can perform the cutting process of print products in the graphics industry, automatically and completely unmanned, whereby the robot takes over the tasks of the operator. The combination of mechanics and sensors as well as the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) even make it possible to transfer the tact of an experienced operator to the system.

baumannperfecta BASS Artificial intelligence
Even more process control with Intelli-Knife
The Intelli-Knife system from Hagedorn GmbH can easily be retrofitted to all baumannperfecta cutting machines. During installation, the chip in the cutter is programmed with the customer's specific parameters in addition to the (basic) data and communicates via a read/write head. The RFID chip is firmly integrated in every knife and then delivers all relevant data to a newly developed app, which guarantees an optimal production process from order planning to archiving after completion. When the cutting machine is switched on, set-up time, number of cuts, speed of the cutting sequence, machine downtime, blade quality and remaining service life are recorded.
baumannperfecta cutting machine with dtail picture Intelli-Knife (RFID chip)


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