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Pile hoists and loaders - automation solutions for postpress

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Pile Hoists and loader
With our lifting devices we facilitate the handling of heavy printing materials such as paper, cardboard, foil, printing plates and other materials – in all processes related to cutting. The baumannperfecta loading devices increase the productivity while, at the same time, relieving the operators.
Pile hoists | Pile lifts BSH
The pile hoist und pile lifts lift the pallets with the printing materials to the required working heights. Like this, the layers can be transferred from the paper stack to the cutting machine, the jogging table, air table or other work surfaces - with very little effort.

Loader BB
More comfort and automation offer our loaders.

The loader or destacker is used for the automatic destacking of the layers. The loading system removes the layer directly from the pallet. Depending on the equipment of the loader, this can be done with pre-adjustable pile heights or with a chip system for exact destacking. The loader then lifts the layer to the required working level and after that automatically transfers them to the table of the jogger, the cutting machine or to other peripheral machines.


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