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Press release - Review Theme Days "cutting and folding"
Theme Days „Cutting and Folding“ of the Postpress AllianceThe virtual presentation of new product highlights
From the 8th.  to 11th. of June 2021, the Postpress Alliance companies baumannperfecta, H + H and MBO Postpress Solutions presented their latest technological highlights during the theme days “Cutting and Folding”. The virtual event including the showrooms - like the Alliance Days in November 2020 – was highly appreciated by the visitors.
After baumannperfecta presented during the Alliance Days 2020 the world's first fully automatic jogging and cutting system as upgrade for the industrial label production, now followed the upgrade for commercial printers. The presented cutting technology met such a great approval among the visitors that the 40 available appointments were quickly booked out and could not even cover half of the inquiries from interested customers. Due to this high demand, we are already planning additional dates - live on site in Solms with own test material, but also additional days with online live demonstrations.

The completely new developed expansion stage was exposed, with which even interlaced multi-product sheets are jogged and cut fully automatically from the pallet with the printed sheets to the finished product. The sheets are stacked, jogged, and aligned by the BASA evolution and afterwards transferred to the high-speed cutter. Here, the integrated robot takes over the turning and aligning of the layers, as well as the storage and removal of partial stacks and the transfer of the finished cut to an unloader. Here, the core components of this modular system are again the new BASA evolution and the integrated BASS robotic cutting system in combination with a vertical buffer for the partial stacks.
MBO Postpress Solutions
MBO Postpress Solutions was very satisfied with the virtual “Folding and Cutting” theme days, not only about the number of participants but also regarding the intensity of the discussions. The new developments from MBO were particularly well received by customers from Europe, Japan, and the USA. The highlight here was the autonomous production with signature change: This includes two revolutionary innovations which make the folding machine system the safest, most efficient, and most productive finishing solution in the world: the MBO Autopilot and the MBO optical folding quality control. The Autopilot works with a camera at the palletized feeder and processes the information from the MBO Datamanager. The camera reads a data code that was printed on the signature in advance. Each signature gets its own code. If the signature changes, the production is shortly interrupted. The A80 delivery is informed of the signature change by Autopilot and automatically places the new signature on a new pallet using the CoBo-Stack. This prevents mixing of the folded signatures and automatically saves the counter readings.
So far, the VT50 fold quality monitoring system is unique on the market. Monitoring takes place directly behind the folding machine. Two cameras measure the position of the cutting marks on the finished sheets relative to the outer edge of the paper. The accepted tolerances can be defined by the customer. Incorrectly folded sheets are immediately ejected from the outlet of the VT50. This ensures that only perfectly folded sheets are transferred to the subsequent delivery system.

In addition to this highlight, MBO showed fast set-up with the K8, folding in small formats with the T50 and with the T800.1 a tried-and-tested buckle folding machine. A total of 70 demonstrations (of four machines) were held during the theme days.
At H+H the focus was on automated folding in multi-plate segment and production of short-folded products. With the M9 a completely new folding dimension in the multi-plate sector was presented.
The implementation with up to 24 automated buckle plates and automated fold rollers allows the set-up time to be reduced from several hours to a few minutes; by up to 95% depending on the folding sequence and application type. This ensures that the machine pays for itself within the shortest possible time. The M9 revolutionizes your way of producing inserts, operating manuals, and product information.

Besides the M9, H+H moreover presented the S45 small folding machine. It is suitable to produce short-folded sheets. The S45 is available in a predefined configuration. However, the choice of continuous- or flat pile feeder is available. By dispensing with machine variants, production can be cheap and fast. The low package price includes the feeder, the first and second folding units, the transfer unit, and the vertical delivery. A total of 25 demonstrations with both machines were held by H+H during the theme days.
Interesting mix of information: Interested customers had several options to take part in the theme days “Cutting and Folding”, organized by the Postpress Alliance. On the one hand, there was (and still active) the virtual exhibition platform, on which the individual exhibits of the alliance partners can be independently discovered.
In addition, there was the possibility to reserve on the platform individual live demonstrations. During these demos, a real-time video transmission took place in the showrooms of Baumann Maschinenbau Solms, H + H and MBO. The experts from the Postpress Alliance explained the running machines to the visitors. Questions could be asked at any time.
As a third possibility, interested customers could (and can) visit the showrooms of the three participating companies on site - of course, in compliance with the current Corona rules.

baumannperfecta live demo theme days
baumannperfecta live demo camera system
Live demo of the fully automatic jogging and cutting line for commercial printing
Live demo of the fully automatic jogging and cutting line for commercial printing
live demo theme days H+H
live demo theme days MBO Team
H + H:
Live demo of automated folding in the multi-pocket segment
MBO Postpress Solutions:
The MBO team presented the autonomous production with signature change during the live demos
Press release - Theme Days "cutting and folding"
The Postpress Alliance summer event: Theme days "cutting and folding"
After the successful first event of the Postpress Alliance in November 2020, the organization of the next event is in the works. From June 8 to 11, 2021, the enterprises baumannperfecta, H+H and MBO Postpress Solutions present new highlights from the world of cutting and folding.

baumannperfecta: Fully automatic jogging and cutting system for commercial printing
After baumannperfecta presented during the Alliance Days 2020 the world's first fully automatic jogging and cutting system as upgrade for the industrial label production, now follows the upgrade for commercial printers. In label production, normally homogeneous grid raster shapes are processed, and sheets cut into strips for subsequent punching. With this new development, finished end products can be fully automatically cut, including interlaced multi-product sheets. Moreover, the robot now takes over the storage and removal of partial stacks and the transfer of the finished cuts to an unloader.
In combination with a vertical buffer for the partial stacks, here again, the core components of this modular system are the new BASA evolution and the integrated robot cutting system BASS.

H+H: New folding dimensions in the multi-pocket segment
H+H is unleashing a completely new folding dimension in the multi-plate sector in the shape of the M9. The implementation with up to 24 automated buckle plates and automated fold rollers allows the set-up time to be reduced from several hours to a few minutes; by up to 95% depending on the folding sequence and application type. This ensures that the machine pays for itself within the shortest possible time. The M9 revolutionizes your way of producing inserts, operating manuals and product information. Besides the M9, H+H will moreover present the S45 small folding machine concept.

MBO: Autonomous production with signature change
The highlight of MBO is the autonomous production with signature change. If you want to know more, you must be patient a little longer. Today we may reveal only so much: MBO is introducing a completely new machine component that has not yet existed on the market and that represents a milestone on the way to fully automated postpress finishing. In addition to this highlight, MBO will show fast set-up with the K8, folding in small formats with the T50 and with the T800.1 a tried-and-tested buckle folding machine.

A mix of virtual show and live event
In June probably it will still be almost impossible to travel and visit local companies. The Postpress Alliance “Theme Days” are therefore taking place in the same format as the “Alliance Days” last November. This means that anyone interested can look around the virtual exhibition platform and discover the individual exhibits of the Alliance partners by themselves. In addition to that there is also the possibility to reserve individual live demo appointments on the platform. During these demos, a real-time video transmission takes place in the showrooms of Baumann Maschinenbau Solms, H+H and MBO. Experts from the Postpress Alliance will present the running machines to visitors in a very individual way. Questions can be asked at any time. Bookings for the live demos can be made on the platform from the middle of May.

About the Postpress Alliance
The Postpress Alliance is a union of Baumann Maschinenbau Solms, Bograma, H+H, Hohner Maschinenbau, MBO Postpress Solutions, Perfecta and Wohlenberg. The complementary machinery manufacturers in the finishing area have come together in a loose association to offer their customers an extensive and diverse range of postpress equipment. Concentrated know-how, together with a medium-sized, fast, and customer-oriented approach – that is what the Postpress Alliance stands for. The Alliance Days 2021, in which all six partner companies will take part, are planned for November this year.

baumannperfecta BASS cutting system with robotics
H+H M9 New folding dimensions in the multi-pocket segment
MBO CoboStack
Fully automatic jogging and cutting system for commercial printing
M9 - New folding dimensions in the multi-pocket segment
CoboStack - Robotic solution for destacking
Press release - Postress Summit 2021
Event of the German magazines Deutscher Drucker and Grafische Palette
This webinar is aimed at all decision-makers and specialists in postpress in the graphics industry who are interested in smart automation solutions. It's about pile turning, loading, buffering, jogging and cutting - fully automatic and fully integrated.

The speakers will explain the baumannperfecta product portfolio with its solutions for everything to do with the cutting process, from simple pile lifters to fully automated jogging and cutting lines with modern industrial robots. You will learn how the scalable components can be flexibly put together to create individual solutions for companies of all sizes and requirements - fully networked and integrated if required. With the first component, you lay the foundation for a sustainable and future-proof cutting solution.

Rely on modern technologies combined with robust mechanical engineering, developed and produced in Germany and expand your lead over your competitors.

Your speakers:
Markus Frick and Peter Voigt have been the management of Perfecta Schneidemaschinenwerk GmbH Bautzen since September 17th, 2019.

Peter Voigt has already started his professional career with the course-accompanying training at Perfecta. After completing his studies, he was in charge of construction and in 2014 switched to sales and service, which he was responsible for until 2019.

Markus Frick, who is also the managing director of Maschinenbau Solms GmbH & Co. KG, brings his many years of experience in the management of medium-sized mechanical engineering companies with him and is also responsible for research and development in the Baumann Group.

The video of the webinar with English subtitels will be available soon.
baumannperfecta managing directors Markus Frick and Peter Voigt
Making of - baumannperfecta webinar
The managing directors Markus Frick and Peter Voigt
Making of - Ready for the webinar
Press release - Postress Alliance Days Review
A benchmarking event
Excited visitors, many innovative features, upbeat moral and delighted faces on the side of  the exhibitors, that’s probably the best way to describe the first Alliance Days of the  Postpress Alliance that took place from November 24 – 27, 2020.
The decision for the launch of this event between companies Baumann Maschinenbau  Solms, Bograma, H+H, Hohner Maschinenbau, MBO Postpress Solutions, Perfecta and  Wohlenberg, was made only in late summer this year and comes along with a completely  new hybrid concept.
The according platform has been professionally and successfully designed in close  cooperation with the Marketing Agency Commacross. The perfect mix between virtual world  on one hand and the available Video-Live-Demos held in the exhibitors’ real showrooms,  offered the latest news of the six strong partner brands for the print finishing.

Visitors were able to move, real show alike, in a very intuitive way on the two-story  exhibition surface and had the chance to get informed about the different highlights of the  exhibiting companies. Various movies, PDFs, and animations were emphasising the  novelties. A special focus was set on connectivity as a key topic in the hospitality lounge in  the second floor of the building. The Postpress Alliance has highlighted this subject in  particular from different sides about KP Connect, MBO Datamanager 4.0, MIS and Prepress  Workflow. The companies were able to concisely and effectively demonstrate the  possibilities of integration and delivered the proof of a digitalisation in progress in the sense  of industry 4.0 with regard to the postpress segment of the printing industry.
The number of visitors on the virtual platform is a self-explanatory indicator of positive  feedback. With almost 1000 registered visitors who entered the showroom in 1870 sessions  to visit the brand and product worlds. The Postpress Alliance is very satisfied with the result  of this new element within their communication concept. All the new leads and projects  arising from this event will now be carefully evaluated and followed up in the upcoming  weeks.

In addition to the virtual exhibition video, live demos via video conferencing tools have been  another important and successful part of the Alliance Days. The initial worry of having  contact with visitors in regards to the technology was erased quite quickly. Every company  has followed an individual way of proceeding, each of them granting customers the direct  dialogue with the contact to the machinery company and allowing them to raise specific  questions. The available time window offered even interested visitors from regions in Asia  and America enough occasions to make use of the time slots for live demos. In this way the  companies have held during the four days overall 185 live demos.  

Even now the organizers are in agreement, that the Alliance Days have for sure not been the  last ones. Although all Alliance members are definitely missing the personal contact with  their clients and business partners, the concept itself delivers a perfect alternative in times  of reduced possibilities with the pandemic. And most probably even on the long run, these  new digital paths of communication will continue to keep a certain level of importance. The  fast and easy overcoming of distances as well as the accessibility of product novelties from  every corner of the world at any time have become a status quo and are expected rightly by  customers as a standard.

It is in this spirit that the Postpress Alliance will continue to use this created space of the  virtual exhibition and fill it with life also in the future. The 365 days a year open showroom  will bear the name Postpress Alliance World and will be periodically updated. Its contents  will consistently ring the changes and create exciting moments for the customers.

„After the fair is before the fair“ – and it is in this direction that the industry may already be  anxious to see the next edition of the Alliance Days.  
But now to the technological highlights that have been in the centre of interest of the  Alliance Days.


H+H have been convincing in particular with the automated M9.60 folding machine,  equipped with 16 buckle plates. To demonstrate live how the machine can be set from one  product to another within only three minutes, has been more than impressive. Customers  were also excited about the small fold machine concept S45. In January yet, H+H will widen  its product range again on the virtual platform with a stirring mailing line. Live video demos  are anticipated for the entire year 2021 and can be booked by interested customers at any  time.


BOGRAMA went “ALL-IN“ and die cut poker sets on their playing-card-production-line. This  interesting line consists of a rotary die-cutting machine BSR 550 Servo and the new card-play  delivery ACC 550 HS and disposes of an interface for all potential aggregates of downstream  processes, such as for example cellophane wrapping machines. The line produces 2000 full  card sets per hour. The according packaging for the card sets was die-cut on their fold-box machine.
This new concept of first creasing than die cutting achieves the highest scoring quality. The  line is designed in a modular way and includes two inline installed rotary die-cutting  machines BSR 550 Servo, the shredder SH 550 for the chopping of the die-cut scrap web and  the new stacker STA 550 R.
The product range of BOGRAMA is rounded up by the rotary die-cut machine BSR 550 basic.  This compact and inexpensive offline machine has been purposely conceived for users who  aim for an economical and efficient production of smaller and medium size jobs.

Hohner said “curtain up“ for their new HHS-FUTURA, the answer to the market needs with  continuously smaller circulation figures and an increase in personalisation. The concept  represents the most modular and flexible converting line for saddle stitching in the market  to date. Integral fixed part of the FUTURA is the solid trimmer and the reliable, proven  stitching unit of the HSB 9.000. Basing on this, the customer has the free choice between five  different modular feeding systems that may be configured according to their needs. No  matter whether saddle stitcher solution with four available, freely combinable feeders,  whether cross folding solution, foldstitcher, collating tower or digital solution (from pile  sheet feeder or from a roll) – this concept has a solution ready for every request and task. A  completely new launch in this context is the collating tower designed by Hohner themselves  with the according 90° delivery. Infinitely free on the long run and expandable at any time  thanks to open interfaces. The machine even offers the integration of alternative  foldstitchers and crossfolding units. Not surprising at all, at the Alliance Days Hohner  obviously proposed the FUTURA with the crossfolding machine K70 and the bucklefolding machine T50 out of the range of their Alliance Partner MBO Postpress Solutions. The overall  concept allows in this way 17 different configuration alternatives, eight of them even in  parallel production mode. To this versatile offer visitors of both, virtual showroom as well as  live video demos, have reacted with excitement.
On the fully automated HSB 13.000 Hohner surpasses with the newly incorporated air blowing injector system on their signature feeders; this allows the production at again higher  speed up to the actual 13.000 cycles. This new principle implicates the selective addition of a  blown air stream on the signature in order to hold it stable on the chain at high speed. This  situation typically causes the unilateral take off of the sweeping signature when hit by the  carrier. Also the suction opening works smoothly on the HSB 13.000 up to a maximum  speed of 13.000 cycles. More added value comes from optimisations of the two-up device delivering now a set-up time reduced by 50%.


The Future is now - With the premiere of the world's first and unique fully automatic jogging  and cutting system baumannperfecta sets benchmarks for automation solutions in  printfinishing and emphasizes the claim of technological leadership in their segment. Among the highlights of the exhibition program were shown the new Baumann Automatic  Jogging System BASA evolution for the automated jogging, the new generation of cutting  machine Cutting 4.0 for the complete integration into the workflow.
Thanks to the modular concept at the base of all baumannperfecta solutions also smaller  companies now have the chance to already lay the foundations for a future-oriented  automation line and to expand gradually. At the same occasion, customers take the advantage of most advanced technologies as for  instance the efficient air-knife technology or further developments such as the new cutting  cell for significantly longer knife life. Efficient, flexible, and sustainable solutions - into the future TOGETHER with  baumannperfecta.

MBO Postpress Solutions

The Highlight of MBO Postpress Solutions was the CoBo-Stack twin installation. The  demonstration delivered the proof that only one operator can handle two machines at the  same time. Therefore a K8 and a K8RS combi folding machine were installed mirrored to  each other. During the setup time of K8 for another production, K8RS continued to  perpetually produce an A4 16-pager. The operator could fully focus on setting the K8, as the  CoBo-Stack in the meantime picked up and placed the folded signatures completely  independently.
With its new universal control concept the stacking delivery MBO A80 contributes to  increased efficiency. Now it is possible to adjust all settings from every display of the  machine. That means the folding machine can be operated from the delivery and vice-verse.
Moreover, thanks to the curved table KT90 the CoBo-Stack had to only be moved aside  during the make-ready phase, instead of being turned by 90°, meaning additionally savings  on the setup time. The illustrated efficient production circumstances have induced the  excitement of quite a lot customers.
Besides the CoBo-Stack twin installation MBO has also presented their K80 combi folder with  a new feeder head Vacujet. The K80 shows a very good price-performance-ratio, since many  of the typical MBO features such as the slitter shaft cassette and the sheet alignment by  vacuum belts (VIVAS) are already included in the standard configuration.


Wohlenberg allowed their customers on the virtual platform during the Alliance Days to  learn more about their perfect binder Quickbinder Edition Digital in combination with a  trilateral trimmer D09. As an in-line version these machines represent the smallest inline  booklet production line with up to 2000 cycles/hour of Wohlenberg.
The Edition Digital enables a thickness variable production with the perfectbinder as well as  the trilateral trimmer and offers the printing finisher a unique possibility to produce inline  booklets with different product thicknesses also for short runs.
Moreover the Quickbinder continues to deliver a unique variety of optional equipment, as  for example the lining station as well as all perfect binding technologies. Wohlenberg is  ready for the next step.

Press release - Postress Alliance Days
By sight through 2020 into a digital future
The Postpress Alliance renounces at Drupa and Open House and invites visitors to the first virtual "Alliance Days”

The Postpress Alliance jointly announces its withdrawal from Drupa participation in 2021. Responsible thinking and a lack of planning security were at the heart of this difficult decision by Baumann Maschinenbau Solms, Bograma, H+H, Hohner, MBO Postpress Solutions, Perfecta and Wohlenberg. The machine builders with complementary activities in the postpress sector had joined forces in the run-up to Drupa 2020 in order to offer their customers an extensive and diverse range of postpress equipment. Concentrated know-how, paired with a medium-sized, fast and customer-oriented approach is what was put into the planning for our customers.

COVID-19 makes fair participation from the view of the seven partners impossible. The situation is too uncertain of the daily changing travel restrictions worldwide, which denies an international audience the possibility of a fair visit in Düsseldorf. The sense of participating in Drupa - according to the Postpress Alliance - has unfortunately been lost due to the pandemic. A sober consideration of the expected cost-benefit ratio shows that the economic business basis for such an event would be missing without intercontinental visitors. The partners of the Postpress Alliance very much regret this step. The alliance still believes in Drupa as the world's established leading trade show for the printing industry as soon as the right conditions are once again in place.

The first Open House of the Postpress Alliance, which had already been scheduled, is also falling victim to the uncertainties of the Corona crisis in its originally planned form. The same reasons mentioned above are forcing the partner companies to rethink. The responsibility for employees as well as guests is simply too big, so the Alliance has decided to distance itself from the analogous event in Tuttlingen.
It's time to rethink, drive by sight and look for alternative possibilities.

The birth of the "Alliance Days
The Postpress Alliance has decided to embark on a new path together. Digitalization is the central topic this year. It is therefore not surprising that the first "Alliance Days", a virtual Open House, will be held from November 24-27, 2020 and will serve as a platform for the companies to present the planned innovations to the public in a timely manner.

"We need and seek contact with our business partners", says the marketing team of the partner companies, "and are happy to be able to launch something so new in such a short time. It is uncharted territory for everyone involved. Neither we nor our dealers and end customers have much experience in this encounter on a virtual level. This concept means a lot to our management. They are firmly convinced that, even after Corona, targeted marketing concepts will require this duality of virtual appearances in combination with analog physical events.“
The resulting virtual showroom of BaumannPerfecta, Bograma, H+H, Hohner, MBO and Wohlenberg will offer visitors, after prior registration, a virtual visit with a tour of the machines and a lot of detailed information for four days. On the other hand, interested parties will have the direct opportunity to make an appointment for individual live demonstrations from the showrooms at the respective locations of the companies.

Those who would like to go even deeper - as far as the travel options allow – can of course also make an individual appointment for a visit at any time at the locations without the character of an event. Approaching the market in an informative, exciting, emotional and personal way is the declared goal.

Innovations with added value
Indeed, there is no shortage of innovations with added value for the industry.

Bograma's competence is die-cutting. On show will be the new Automated Playing Card Production Line for die-cutting, stacking and cellophane wrapping of playing card decks, a double die-cutting line for die-cutting and stacking folding boxes using the new "first crease, then die cut" principle, and the compact and attractively priced BSR 550 basic die-cutter for cost-effective production of short and medium runs.

H + H provides insights into the world of mailings, as well as innovations in processing in the market segments of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, food and agricultural products.

At the "Alliance Days" in the year of the company's 90th anniversary, Hohner will present for the first time the Hohner Hybrid Stitcher "HHS Futura", a machine with up to five functions for individual brochure production. It can be flexibly expanded at any time and is the answer to the current topic of constantly changing market developments, as it even meets future needs and tasks. Also on display will be the HSB 9.000 saddle stitcher and Hohner's flagship, the fully automated HSB 13.000 which features many innovations with real added value such as the MIS ability to integrate a new, freely positionable plano sheet feeder (PAL) and the separate head-foot adjustment on the trimmer.

MBO demonstrates the robotics sector. Using two folding machines handled by a single operator, the enormous reduction in work relief made possible by modern robot technology will be illustrated. An MBO CoBo-stack is used behind each folding machine. The collaborating robot handles the manual placement of signature stacks from the delivery onto the pallet, leaving the operator more time for administrative tasks.

baumannperfecta is the name of the new brand of the Baumann Group, which resulted from the brand merger of baumannwohlenberg and PERFECTA. It combines the best of two brands and technologies and proves this with the presentation of the latest developments at the virtual Open House - with the premiere of the world's first fully automatic jogging and cutting system for completely unmanned processing. Further highlights are offered by the new machine generations in the areas of jogging, cutting and robotics.
With the BASA evolution baumannperfecta introduces the new generation of the Baumann Automatic Shaker System (BASA). The compact and modular solution is characterized among other things by the new, sustainable drive technology and offers in the basic equipment the inexpensive entry into automatic shaking.
The latest generation of cutting machines will also be presented. The machines appear in a new design and offer some innovations, such as the new control generation Cutpit and an improved cutting cell for significantly longer knife life.
In addition, a further innovation for the automation of the cutting process will be presented in combination with a further developed robotics solution.

With the Quickbinder Edition Digital and the threshing cutter D09 Wohlenberg presents the ideal constellation for the production of short runs. The perfect binders from Wohlenberg offer a unique variety and flexibility in application technology.

MIS networking with open interfaces will be jointly presented as a special topic.

The responsible marketing team of the Postpress Alliance is also certain that the Postpress Alliance virtual showroom will continue to develop into a popular and well-frequented touchpoint with an informative character after the "Alliance Days" and are eagerly awaiting the kick-off on November 24th, 2020.

Press release brand merger
TOGETHER towards to the future
Baumannwohlenberg and Perfecta became baumannperfecta

With the merger of the two brands baumannwohlenberg and Perfecta, two companies are growing together that belong – also in the eyes of many experts - together for a long time.

„The consolidation of the brands is a logical step in the restructuring of the Baumann Group“, explains Christian Baumann, managing partner of Baumann Maschinenbau Solms GmbH & CO. KG and Perfecta Schneidemaschinenwerk Bautzen GmbH. „Due to the trends within the graphic industry it is important for us to join strengths and core competencies of the individual Baumann companies and to optimally use the resulting synergies. Moreover, it is our goal, together with our strong technology partners, to develop solutions which will allow us to successfully shape our future.”

The two brands, baumannwohlenberg and Perfecta, have a long tradition and have long been successfully established in the global market as innovation and technology leaders. "With the progressing globalization and increasing digitalization, this two-brand strategy is no longer effective today," agrees Markus Frick, managing director of both companies. "We already have an extensive, identical product portfolio and with the merger of the companies we combine the best of both brands and the technologies we use."

„Our customers will particularly benefit from this”, says convinced Peter Voigt, managing director of co. Perfecta Schneidmaschinen GmbH Bautzen. „With the joint development and the uniform sales and service concept we will offer our customers further innovative solutions and products „made in Germany“ and,  moreover, will be in the position to support them even faster and more efficiently. Another advantage will surely be the close cross-company cooperation of the different departments, which will ensure an optimal workload at both locations.”

In this merger, which will take place exclusively on brand level, the two companies – Baumann Maschinenbau Solms GmbH & CO. KG and Perfecta Schneidemaschinenwerk GmbH Bautzen -as well as the locations will remain in their actual form and Peter Voigt will take over the responsibility for sales and service. Markus Frick will be responsible within the Baumann Group for research and development and thus for the implementation of new technologies and trends. The companies will benefit from the experience of the Baumann Group, which has been responsible for all processes within the graphic industry for almost 90 years.

The baumannperfecta cutting machines and peripherals will be exhibited, besides the Wohlenberg bookbinding systems, for the first time at DRUPA 2020 on a joint booth with 1400 sqm. in hall 16 (B23/1-6), as part of the newly launched Postpress Alliance. The cooperation between the medium-sized, mechanical engineering companies Baumann Maschinenbau Solms, Bograma, Herzog+Heymann, Hohner, MBO, Perfecta and Wohlenberg has as common goal to use the synergies on the basis of their individual, complementary technological core competencies, thus creating a real added value for the customers. Under the motto “we connect”, the Postpress Alliance will present at the world premiere an extensive performance portfolio, starting at the data transfer from the MIS to cutting, folding, die-cutting, perfect binding or wire binding, right through the processing of mailing and outsert systems, showing almost the entire workflow with the corresponding customer process operation. Concentrated competence – a must for all Drupa visitors.

Bautzen/Solms 2020.01.17


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