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Three-knife trimmer - automation solutions for postpress

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Three-Knife Trimmer SDY TS
The three-knife trimmer SDY TS is the reliable universal machine for everyone who cuts books, brochures, magazines or newspapers of various formats and thicknesses in the offline area. The technological concept of this three-knife trimmer is as simple as effective: By its ease of operation and owing to a robust cast-iron machine frame, this offline three-knife trimmer that is especially suitable for small and medium-sized runs ensures high profitability.

It is GS-certified and has a touch-screen operated PLC control to allow the choice between a continuous mode for two operators or a return mode just for a single operator. The intelligent ServoDrive module is responsible for feeding in the stock by means of an infinitely variable hydraulic feeder clamp. Just feed in your stock and trigger the cut. The swing-away delivery ensures that any interventions into the trimming station for the purpose of changing knives or trimming plates will be made considerably easier. Weight-reduced cast-aluminium trimming plates, preadjustable knife-setting cassettes and control from the touch screen guarantee user-friendly format changing. The use of various options can widen the variety of applications.

baumannperfecta Drei-Messer-Schneider
Cutting control Cutpit
A graphics-capable touch screen control serves for visualizing all operating functions. Clearly understandable symbols make the machine easy and intuitively to operate.
baumannperfecta Three-knife trimmer cutting software Cutpit
baumannperfecta Three-knife trimmer servo drive
The feeder clamp with the baumannperfecta ServoDrive guarantees exact positioning of the stock.
Trimming plates
Weight-reduced cast-aluminium trimming plates and a unique modular design facilitate quick and easy changing to various formats.
baumannperfecta three-knife trimmer - trimming plates
baumannperfecta Three-knife trimmer - trimming plate changing
Knife change
With the aid of the baumannperfecta knife setting device, you can precisely adjust the knives outside the machine in three cassettes. This minimizes machine downtime.
Operation modes
The baumannperfecta three-knife trimmer offer two different opertion modes:

Continuous mode
The finished pile is automatically pushed onto the delivery on the other side of the machine by the next pile fed in.

Return mode
The pile is manually put in the feeder clamp, automatically trimmed and then returned to the operator‘s position where it is unloaded.

•  Four-side trimming
In the return mode and by using only one side knife and the front knife, the product can be manually rotated and trimmed at all four sides. The formats can be set by entering the dimensions through the touch screen and by readjusting the head gauge.

•  Delivery extension
The delivery line can be extended by various modules, depending on what the customer needs.

•  Large-size format
The use of extended side knives, an enlarged trimming plate and of a specific clamping show allows large formats of up to 350 mm x 500 mm to be processed. Side table for front table extension With the aid of a mobile side table, the products can be transported, buffered or stored. This offers more working and storage space.

•  Small-size format
Small formats down to 50 mm x 60 mm can be processed with the aid of modified back gauges of the feeder clamp, a small-size format trimming plate and by a specific clamping shoe.

•  Carbide-tipped knives
The baumannperfecta carbide-tipped knives are ideal for the processing of various materials. Compared with standard HSS knives, carbide-tipped knives are extremely resistant and guarantee longer lifetimes. We also offer the corresponding cutting sticks that match to the knives.

•  Silicone sprayer
Within the range where the head and tail knives come into contact with the book spine, they can be sprayed with silicone to prevent glue from sticking to them. The number of cuts per spray shot can be selected.

•  Waste conveyor belt
A conveyour belt located under the delivery ensures automatic disposal of the trimming waste.

•  Hopper
The hopper must be manually filled with products. A feeding device automatically takes the stock and transfers it to the feeder clamp. The advantage is that both the hopper and the delivery unit can be operated by one person.

•  Split cutting
Multiple-ups can be processed by a split cutting device. The pile split off is returned to the operator by a two-up carriage and manually put in the feeder clamp again.

•  Accessories trolley
This trolley ensures easy stowing of all accessories required.
Technical Data
Max. trimming performance
max.25 cycles/min*
Max. untrimmed format
max.345 x 520 mm
Max. finished format
max.300 x 420 mm
Min. finished format
min.70 x 80 mm
Max. feed height
max.110 mm
Max. trimming height
max.100 mm
Clamping force
3 - 25 kN
Max. feeder clamp force
max.0,7 kN
Main drive power
3 kW
3250 kg
Dimensions (width x depth)
2924 x 2628 mm
* The possible trimming performance depends on the material, the format and on the operator.
The values ​​can vary depending on the equipment / additional options. Technical changes reserved.


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