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Unlaoding systems - automation solutions for postpress

Unloading systems
The manual restacking of products after the cutting process requires a lot of time and effort.  This process is automated by an unloader, with which single or multiple cuts can be highly precise restacked and thus offer high efficiency and economic viability. The different models offer solutions for the finishing process of piles up to 1800 mm high as well as multiple unloaders, which restacks the material onto several pallets.
Unloader BA
The ergonomic and economically effective way to restack single and multiple cuts with high precision. The manual restacking of paper and cardboard after the cutting-process requires a lot of time and effort. The unloader gives you the opportunity to automate the restacking process. Unloaders BA N take up the material at the level of the table. The pile is positioned underneath the unloader table. The reams are restacked until a maximum pile height of 1100 mm has been reached. Unloaders BA N can either be installed on the right or on the left hand-side of the cutter. The design is very innovative (especially the principle of controlled axis), material and finish are of high-quality. The user friendly operator's panel with clear text display offers the oportunity to change all relevant parameters.
baumannperfecta Unloader BA

  • Increased productivity
  • Very good restacking results
  • Careful material handling
  • Latest technology

Technical Data

BA 3
BA 5
BA 6BA 7
BA 10
Sheet format max. [mm]*
800 x 1200920 x 13001050 x 14501250 x 16501525 x 2050
Pile height [mm]
1400 / 1800
1400 / 1800
1400 / 1800
1400 / 1800
1400 / 1800
Pile weight [kg]
Pallet height min. [mm]
* to be understood as max. pallet sizes
Multiple unloader BA Multi
Mobile multiple unloader

The multiple unloader BA Multi automates the restacking process. The unloaders BA Multi enable you to restack up to 4 piles onto up to 4 different pallets. They offer a great variety of possible combinations. Different materials can be handled at the same time. The unloaders BA Multi are able to restack both large-format single-cuts and divided or multiple-cuts and can also be used for strips or labels within the label production.

The complete machine moves within the machine bed. It can take up the products at different places and restack them at one or several pallet places.

baumannperfecta multiple unloader BA Multi
Modes of operation

In combination with automatic cutting.

  • The unloader can take up single-cuts from the rear-table of the cutter, align and restack them fully automatically
  • BA Multi can automatically take up divided cuts from the rear-table of the cutter. The divided cut is completed by the second half at the cutter's front-table. The completed layer can then be restacked fully automatically
  • Operation as "conventional" unloader, operating via the cutter's front-table


  • A fully automatic restacking process
  • Cross-pile centration on top of the pallet
  • Possible combination with automatic cutting and Board-sorting-rack BSR
  • Different modes of operation
  • Latest technology, very dynamic, very short restacking cycles
  • Increased productivity
  • Relief of the operator's physical strain
  • A great variety of possible combinations

Technical Data

BA 3 Multi
BA 5 Multi
Sheet format max. [mm]
750 x 10501260 x 1670
Pallet places  max.
4 (6)3
Cross-pile centration
Combination with BSR
Combination with BDG
Intermediate board inserter
Pallet height  [mm]
The values ​​can vary depending on the equipment / additional options. Technical changes reserved.


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