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Pile hoists BSH - automation solutions for postpress

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Pile hoists BSH
Pile Hoists with platform. The automated functions relief the operator's physical strain while increasing the efficiency of the high-speed cutter.

  • Piles are lifted and lowered hydraulically
  • A double chain guarantees the highest possible safety
  • The platform has a bevelled front-edge so that even large formats can easily be loaded onto the platform (loading with a pallet truck is possible)
  • An adjustable photo-cell verifies constantly that the top of the pile remains always on working-height
  • Casters for mobility


  • Increase in productivity
  • Decrease or elimination of injuries due to lifting
  • Precise restacking

  • With adjustable angle stop for unloading
baumannperfecta Stapelheber BSH

Technical Data

BSH 3-800
BSH 3-1200
BSH 5-1200
BSH 6-1600
BSH 7-2000
BSH 10-2000
Platform [mm]
785 x 1150785 x 1150990 x 13501185 x 15001235 x 17001570 x 2120
Loading capacity [kg]
Lifting height [mm]
The values ​​can vary depending on the equipment / additional options. Technical changes reserved.


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